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  • New features and bug fixes in Intellect 4.9.3

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features and improvements

  1. Intellect 4.9.3 includes the latest version of IPDriverpack: 3.2.27
  2. Now the support.7z package is compiled faster using the Support.exe utility.
  3. The version of SQL SERVER has been updated to 10.50.4000.
  4. The UseServerTime registry key has been added. It allows using Server time (not the camera time) for video in the archive.
  5. Forwarding of ATM|SETUP reaction can now be disabled for an ATM object via the registry key.
  6. Added ability to automatically switch to the Current events layout in the Operator Protocol when a new event occurs.
  7. Events by all objects in the system can now be created in the Operator Protocol.
  8. It is now possible for RTSP Server to operate if frame rate is less than 1 fps (up to 0.01 fps).
  9. Location of controls is optimized in the Operator Protocol.
  10. Intellect performance has been boosted when recording video to NAS (performance is about 70% higher).
  11. Control panels and PTZ devices with the same protocol (Pelco-D, Pelco-P) can now operate locally on various telemetry controllers as well as in the distributed configuration.


  1. Fixed error that caused RMW interfaces to be hidden when configuring objects on the Server.
  2. Fixed incorrect focus control for a camera when using the mouse.
  3. Fixed error that caused Web server connection problems if the username contains a space or capital letters.
  4. Fixed error that caused crashing of the module when working with the Operator Protocol if the Use x64 modules checkbox is set checked.
  5. Fixed error that caused Intellect to quit when the Operator Protocol is in configuration.
  6. Fixed error that caused incorrect displaying of high and full resolution video from Vivotek FE8171V camera in the fisheye monitor.
  7. Fixed error that caused only one camera to be displayed in the Web browser if the User rights have been configured.
  8. Fixed error that caused video to be absent when working with Report subsystem (Report.exe).
  9. Fixed error that in some cases caused displaying of video from Server on the remote workstation when the Architecture tab showed no connection between computers.
  10. Fixed error that caused incorrect operation of the Axis T8312 control panel on the RMW.
  11. Fixed error that caused archive playback speed to decrease to 1-2 fps after reverse frame-by-frame playback.
  12. Fixed error that caused the priority of intellect.exe processes to not be set via the tweaki.exe utility.
  13. Fixed error that caused interface objects to be hidden during failover.
  14. Fixed memory leak for the process during reverse frame-by-frame playback in the archive mode.
  15. Fixed error that caused hanging of the module when disabling the external drive to which the archive is stored.
  16. Fixed error that caused incorrect functioning of rights when using the Control panel on the RMW.
  17. Fixed error that caused video playback to stop on the RMW with high CPU usage for some cameras.
  18. Fixed error that prevented display of video for some IP cameras (though this error does not occur in Intellect 4.8).
  19. The module now consumes less CPU resources in some configurations.
  20. Fixed issue with FX4/FX8/FX16 video capture cards not operating on Windows Server 2012/Windows Server 2008.
  21. Fixed error that caused audio recording to stop spontaneously after a few days.
  22. Fixed error that caused the active camera to be hidden in the active Monitor.
  23. Fixed issue with English localization of the Intercom Control Monitor object.
  24. Fixed error that caused the module to crash when there are more than 127 streams in the Monitor.
  25. Various bugs have been fixed in the Intercom Subsystem.


  1. KV1999, KV2001, KV2002 and KV2003 video capture cards are not supported anymore.
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