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  • New features and bug fixes in Intellect 4.9.2

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features



Intellect 4.9.2 includes the latest version of the Drivers Pack: 3.2.25



New FFMPEG version 2.2 is now bundled with the product installer. This version fixes problems with archive playback for some cameras.


Added ability to grab sound from SC590N4 cards over SDI digital inputs.

INTL-19056Added ability to export camera video via script commands if the Monitor interface object is hidden


All cameras are now created with the "color" check box selected by default.


Added ability to disable network connections and/or logging of CAM_ZONE|MD_INFO events.


Multistreaming can now be enabled for individual cameras on an IP device.

INTL-19218New PTZ control mechanism has been added


A range of microphones or all microphones can be added to the Long-term audio archive via the Range and All buttons.

INTL-19233Certificates for communication with mobile clients have been updated



The version of SQL Server bundled with the installer has been updated to 10.50.4000 (SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2). Various errors in SQL Server have been corrected in SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2.
INTL-19430It is now possible for an RTSP server to collect video via a video gate as well as direct from camera.
INTL-19396A video stream can now be groomed on a web server if this is required due to insufficient bandwidth between the client and web server.
INTL-19351Hotkeys have been added for displaying the previous screen and hiding the current screen.
INTL-16965Hotkey has been added for displaying a layout with all cameras on the monitor.
INTL-16366Optical zoom can now be disabled via a registry key.
INTL-19446Recorded video can now be groomed down to 0.01 k/s on a video gate.

Bug fixes




Fixed error that caused errors in video display when switching between cameras streams.


Fixed error that caused Intellect to crash during screen removal.


Fixed error related to exporting still frames using the Converter.exe utility.


Fixed error that caused depletion of free connections on the web server and display of the "too many users" error.


Fixed error that caused archived H.264 video and audio to fall out of sync for some cameras.


Fixed error that caused archive playback speed to equal x1 when resuming playback after a pause.

INTL-19273Fixed error that prevented Intellect from starting when a Guardant dongle and Orion USB dongle are used simultaneously on an Intellect workstation
INTL-19269Fixed error that, during use of the ONVIF protocol, prevented the sensors and relays of some cameras from working
INTL-19259Fixed error that, in some cases, caused Intellect to begin recording to the wrong disk after a restart of Intellect
INTL-19108Fixed error that caused an incorrect date to arrive in push notifications


Fixed error related to incorrect selection of cameras in the Telemetry Control Panel when activating cameras through the Monitor.


Fixed error occurring during installation of Intellect from the command line via msiexec.exe.


Fixed error that caused macros to fail under certain circumstances.


Fixed error that prevented the System Settings window from being displayed above other interface objects.


Fixed error that caused incorrect positioning in the archive when using the Search by captions interface object.



Fixed error that caused incorrect recording to the archive for some IP devices.


Fixed error causing incorrect positioning when going to the last archive fragment recorded in a 24-hour period.


Intellect displayed disk write availability status incorrectly after disk connection; this has been fixed.


Bandwidth consumption was not reduced by use of partial decompression for the MotionWavelet 7.1 codec; this has been fixed.

INTL-19289Fixed error that prevented access by the Remote Client to camera archives when a direct-to-camera connection has been selected
INTL-19286Fixed error that in some cases caused instability of the Camera Discovery Tool
INTL-19184In some cases the web server crashed when sound is sent to it from a mobile client; this has been fixed


Fixed error related to incorrect deletion of Macro object settings under certain conditions.


Fixed error that caused crashing during decoding of black & white video using the MotionWavelet7.1 codec.




Fixed errors related to configuration of the Long-term archive and Long-term audio archive. 



Solved crashing of the Fisheye camera monitor under certain circumstances.

INTL-19314Fixed error that, in some circumstances, caused Intellect to crash during startup


When displaying a layer view in Map settings, sometimes the wrong layer was shown in the preview; this has been fixed. 


Fixed error that, in certain conditions, caused incorrect Map layer display when starting Intellect.


Fixed bug that caused the Operator Protocol to crash when quitting Intellect.


Fixed bug in Axxon Player that caused crashing during playback of some video fragments


Fixed error that in some cases prevented display of live video in the Monitor (the connection lost badge was shown for all items in the device tree).


Fixed error that in some cases caused Intellect to freeze when changing codecs.

INTL-19500Fixed bug: previously, presence of multiple disks for recording could prevent access to recorded camera video via the web interface.


In some cases, removal of Intellect on Windows 7 SP1 could hang; this has been corrected.
INTL-19178In some cases, playback from Long-term Archive archive did not work; this has been fixed.
INTL-19061Multistreaming errors associated with some cameras have been fixed.
INTL-19510An error preventing display of camera video in the fisheye camera monitor has been fixed.
INTL-19495Fixed error causing incorrect display of an archive on the timeline.
INTL-19412Fixed bug that caused sound to be absent when clicking on Intercom  in the English localization of Intellect.
INTL-19406Fixed error that caused Analog Values and Indicator functions on the map to not function.
INTL-19388Fixed error that in some cases caused instability of the intellect.exe module.
INTL-19364Fixed error that caused incorrect functioning of autoselection of video streams for display.
INTL-19350Fixed error that in some causes caused hanging of the module when a video capture device is disconnected or when the type of video capture device is changed.
INTL-19343Fixed error that caused the core to periodically lose contact with the video module.
INTL-19312Fixed error that caused Pre-Alarm Recording to not work.
INTL-19411Fixed error that omitted the camera name in the name of files exported via converter.exe.
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