Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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PTZ control of the camera can be regulated with the mouse in the Camera window corresponding to the given Camera.


 To control PTZ device using the mouse, enable the PTZ control panel. To enable the PTZ control panel, left-click on it.


Default functions supported by the mouse PTZ controls are given in the following table. In Intellect 4.9.5 and later versions the PTZ control mechanism has been changed. In the viewing tile corresponding to the PTZ camera there is an icon used to enable/disable PTZ control using the mouse. PTZ control using the mouse is available only when PTZ control is enabled on the camera, i.e. the icon looks like this . If the icon looks like this , then PTZ control using the mouse is not available. Enabling and disabling PTZ control using the mouse is performed by clicking the left mouse button on the icon or using the hot key combination Ctrl+L.

New control features are used by default and their description is given in the New function column. If the previous PTZ control features are to be used, then set 0 value for the TelemetryMouseAlternative registry key – see Registry keys reference guide.


Old function

New function

Click the left mouse button

Camera's objective stop

Press and hold the left mouse button moving the pointerRe-focus the camera lens to the mouse pointer direction

Re-focus the camera lens to the mouse pointer direction (see the figure). Only half of arrow is displayed on default. To change the length of displayed arrow use the TelemetryArrowLen registry key –see the Registry keys reference guide.

Re-focus speed depends on how far the pointer is from center of video marked with a cross. The faster the speed, the longer the arrow.

Camera lens can be re-focused in continuous and discrete modes. Continuous-wave mode will be in use on default if camera supports it. Otherwise, discrete mode will be in use and camera lens is refocused in 8 directions: up, down, right, left, up-left, up-right, down-right and down-left. The Continous mode is disabled using the ContinousMode registry key – see Registry keys reference guide. To find out if a video camera supports the continuous mode see DriverPack documentation (see Documentation Drivers Pack).

Click the middle mouse button

Automatic re-focus of the camera objective to the area of the mouse click (Point&Click). Positioning is with the minimum rate that does not depend on the value specififed on the Universal PTZ control panel. This rate can be changed in tweaki.exe tool, but it can affect the functionality performance (see Intellect software package. Administrator's guide, The settings panel of the Telemetry section).


Reorientation by middle mouse click is done using Intellect software package algorithms and operates with any PTZ devices.

Reorientation by right mouse click is calculated by the camera and will be done only if this functionality is supported by the camera driver and is integrated in the Intellect software package

Click the right mouse button

Click and hold the right mouse button

Point&click processed by the camera driver triggers in equal time intervals. Time intervals are specified with the help of TelemetryPointAndClickDelay registry key (detail information about it see in the Registry keys reference guide section.   

Left hold

Lens zooming in


Right hold

Lens zooming out


Select area by moving the pointer with holding pressed the right mouse button and Ctrl button



The area is selected by frame which disappears after release the mouse button.

Increasing and centering image in selected area (AreaZoom).

Note. The action will be performed only if the AreaZoom functional is supported by camera driver and integrated to the Intellect software.

Left click combined with Shift

Focus In

Right click combined with Shift

Focus Out

Scrolling upDigital zooming inLens zooming in
Scrolling downDigital zooming outLens zooming out
Scrolling up + Ctrl-Digital zooming in
Scrolling down + Ctrl-Digital zooming out


The above mouse functions are not supported in the Camera windows, corresponding to the surveillance cameras without PTZ.