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  • Improvements and bug fixes in Face Intellect 6.0

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Important information regarding the new version of Face Intellect

  1. Do not upgrade from older versions. If you attempt to upgrade, your data will be permanently lost and you will need to acquire a new license key. 
  2. The new version of Face Intellect does not work with Cognitec 5.0 and Cognitec 8.4. The facial recognition module uses only the Cognitec 8.8 recognition engine; for the face search module, Cognitec 8.8 and Verilook are available.
  3. Face Intellect 6.0 is not compatible with Windows XP. It supports Windows Vista and later (a complete list of supported operating systems is given in the documentation).
  4. The Facial Recognition server and Face Search server cannot be run on the same computer simultaneously. To run a facial recognition server and face search server simultaneously, use two different computers and combine them into a distributed system. 

New features and improvements

Issue No.


FACE-677 FACE-676

Now compatible with Intellect 4.9.0.

FACE-690 FACE-680 

The Face Finding and Face Recognition modules have been merged at the installer level.

FACE-709 FACE-708 
FACE-877 FACE-875

Cognitec face capture is now supported. A new version of the Cognitec 8.8 library has been integrated. Cognitec 5.0 and Cognitec 8.4 recognition engines have been removed from the installer.

FACE-817 FACE-797 

Biometric vectors can be generated in the face detector, configurable via registry key.


The facial recognition server now has configurable conditions for recognition triggers: 1) person leaves camera's field of view, 2) at least N frames with the person have been accumulated, 3) person is present in the field of view for at least N seconds.


In the new version of Face Intellect, metadata and photos for recognized faces are written directly to the database. Therefore, the Face Archive setting (which previously indicated the storage path for JPG files of recognized faces) has been removed.


An interval can now be configured after which facial capture "loses" a face for which it has no data; the interval is configurable via registry key.


Statistics window has been removed from the face monitor.

FACE-720 FACE-716

The facial recognition module can now utilize multiple CPU cores. By default, all cores are used; this can be configured via registry key.


A number of frames can now be specified in the file for the archive of found faces (in the Tweaki.exe advanced configuration utility, in the Face Intellect section).

Fixed bugs

FACE-738 The issue with  Face Intellect  installation on a Monitoring  workstation has been resolved.



Fixed error related to installation of Face Intellect with SQL 2008 R2 Standard installed.

A number of minor bugs have been fixed and product stability has been improved.

Documentation and localization

Documentation and localization have been updated in Face Intellect 6.0.

List of open development tasks and documentation corrections:

FACE-900    FACE-898    FACE-897    FACE-896    FACE-895    FACE-894    FACE-888    FACE-881    FACE-879   

FACE-868    FACE-866    FACE-862    FACE-861    FACE-860    FACE-859    FACE-858    FACE-854    FACE-849   

FACE-848    FACE-846    FACE-837    FACE-836    FACE-832    FACE-830    FACE-828    FACE-825    FACE-824   

FACE-821    FACE-820    FACE-806    FACE-765    FACE-763    FACE-733    FACE-730    FACE-729    FACE-728   

FACE-705    FACE-702    FACE-700    FACE-698    FACE-695    FACE-693    FACE-692    FACE-689    FACE-688   

FACE-685    FACE-683    FACE-681    FACE-679    FACE-660    FACE-659    FACE-657    FACE-656    FACE-633   


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