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  • Events control and processing using the alarm notification window

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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An Operator can recieve on-line notifications whenever the system registers any alarm or information events, if the program is set appropriately. Where this function is on, an alarm notification window appears as soon as the system registers any alarm or information event.

The appearing alarm notification window shows information about the latest registered event: name, date and time, source object of the event, conventional field (region) of the event source object location, as well as additional information describing the event (if any).

 An Operator can confirm the event by pressing the  button or cancel it using the  button. Accepting the event, the Operator confirms the actual occurrence of the event and initiates an appropriate response of the Program.

As soon as the event is confirmed or cancelled, the alarm notification window hides. However, if an event still remains unprocessed, the alarm notification window will not be hidden and the system will transfer to processing the next event in line. To select the event for processing manually, use the set of event browsing controls:

  1.  Transfer to the first notification in line
  2.  Transfer to the last notification in line
  3.  Transfer to the previous notification in line
  4.  Transfer to the next notification in line

In addition, all notifications in line can be confirmed immediately by pressing .