Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The event log window displays all notifications according to their type registered by the system.

The event log window shows a table containing a list of events registered by the system, which are broken down according to object type. Object types, registered events for which are displayed in the event log, as well as the number of events simultaneously displayed within one event window, are specified at the system configuration stage.

 New events are added to the end of the list in the Operator protocol. The list is scrolled in such a way that the last event is always displayed in the box and it is marked. When the event (different from the last one) is marked, the list is fixed and there is no scrolling, new events are added to the end of the list. In order to resume scrolling, mark out the last event in the list. For this use Ctrl+End keypresses.

The table gives the following data for each event: source object of the event, event name, conventional field (region) of the event source object location, date and time of the event, as well as additional information describing the event (if any). Additionally, a symbol near the source object of the event reflects the current status of the given source object.

To show the actual location of the source object of the event, use Show on map function in the source object menu. As soon as this function is on, the map depicting the location of the given source object is displayed (see the Working with the map section).

To play the video sequence of the event from the event source camera, use the Show video function in the source object menu.


The camera window pops up in the archive playback mode.


The current playback position will be set to the position corresponding to the video recording start time.