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  • Creating and configuring the Camera object

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Create and configure the Camera object as follows:

  1. Select Create object -> Camera in the context menu of the Video Capture Device object.

    As a result the basic settings toolbar is displayed.


    Basic settings are specified automatically. It is possible to change an ID, object name and parent object.

  2. To create the object, click the Apply button.
  3. Select the created Camera object in the object tree (1).
  4. Configure the created object.
    1. In the Channel number list (2) select a physical video output of the card to which the camera is connected (see Features of video subsystem configuration section).


      Channel numbers within one Video capture card must not be repeated.

    2. In the Resolution list (3) select the resolution: Standard – minimum accepted value for the card, High – mean value and Full – maximum accepted value with which a video signal is captured.


      Resolutions supported by video capture cards are given in Appendix 4. Technical specifications of video capture cards


      While configuring the video camera which is connected through the SC590N4 video capture card, in the Intellect software the frame resolution is to be set as the resolution set on the video camera. Otherwise, artefacts can appear on the video image.


      If Stretch VRC-6404 HD video capture card is in use, then restart Intellect after changing resolution. 

    3. Click the Apply button to save the changes

Configuring the Camera object is completed.

Repeat these actions for all cameras connected to the card.


Number of the Camera objects that can be created under Video capture card object is specified in Features of video subsystem configuration section.


Detailed description of all settings of the Camera object is given in Administrator's guide