Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Intellect supports connecting devices via the ONVIF protocol. Add an ONVIF device in Intellect as follows:

  1. Open Camera discovery tool.
  2. The discovered ONVIF devices appear in the list. Verify ONVIF or ONVIF 2.X are displayed in the list (1) and the correct number of channels for the discovered device is in the list (2). Enter the required value if necessary (by opening the corresponding dropdown list). 
  3. Select videoserver settings in the dropdown list (3) if settings applied in Intellect are to be sent to the camera when it is added or select device settings if they are to be in use.
  4. Enter the user name (4) and password (5) to connect an ONVIF device. The user name and password are given in the documentation for the connected device.  
  5. Verify the TCP/IP port is correct (6). Enter the required value if necessary.
  6. Select the objects that are to be created under an ONVIF device by setting the corresponding check boxes checked (7) – see details in Camera discovery tool.
  7. Click the Apply button (8).
    The selected objects are automatically created in the object tree in the Hardware tab.
  8. If an ONVIF device has not been discovered, add it manually.
    1. Enter the device IP address in the IP address field (9).
    2. Enter TCP/IP port number in the Port field (10).
    3. Select ONVIF or ONVIF 2.X in the Brand list (11).


      Select ONVIF 2.Х and 1-channel-multistream to use multistream via ONVIF protocol. Video streams of connected ONVIF device are configured in a standard way (see Configuring multistream video section of Administrator's Guide).
    4. Select the number of device channels in the Model list (12).
    5. Click the Add button (13).
  9. As a result the ONVIF device with specified parameters appears at the top of the window.
  10. To complete creation of ONVIF devices perform steps 2-6 as described above.
  11. Click the Exit button to close the IP Wizard (14).

An ONVIF device is now created.

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