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  • Configuring the interface of the AxxonPlayer Portable utility

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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To configure the interface of the AxxonPlayer Portable utility do the following:

  1. Go to the setting panel of the AxxonPlayer Portable utility. For this click the  button (1).
  2. To display a semi-transparent debug window over each image set the Debug checkbox (2).
  3. To enable deinterlacing set the Deiterlacing checkbox  (3). To disable deinterlacing remove this checkbox. 
    Deinterlacing allows avoiding artifacts in the video image.


    Image with artifacts

    Image with no artifacts

  4. To enable the option of frames skipping when there is fast playback set the Skip frames durin fast forwarding checkbox (4). This functionality is used to reduce the Server load.
  5. To display the utility window over other windows set the Stay on top checkbox (5).
  6. To disable the simultaneous opening of several utility windows set the Deny multiple program instances checkbox (6).
  7. Set the Show titles checkbox to display titles above video image while playing the video record (7). Options of titles displaying such as font, color and place are specified by Settings.xml file which is located in the folder with video archive (in the VIDEO folder). This file is formed by the Captioner object (see the Configuring captions display on a video image section of the Administrator’s Guide).



    To use the Settings.xml file the search of archive files is to be performed by disk or by folder where the Settings.xml file is located (see the Opening video files by specifying the path in the AxxonPlayer Portable utility section).
  8. If resources of video (disks, folders, files) are to be remembered and selected when the utility is run, then set the Remember video source checkbox checked (8). If the checkbox is set unchecked, then video is not shown when the utility is run, but when the path to the folder or file with video is selected, the previously specified path is shown. If the checkbox is set checked, then when the utility is run video is shown starting from the frame at which the viewing was previously stopped.
  9. Click the Apply button (9).

Deinterlacing configuration is now completed.

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