Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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To configure the failover mode, configure a standby Server as follows:

  1. Create the Failover object under the Computer object corresponding to the standby Server in the Hardware tab of the System settings dialog box.
  2. Go to the settings panel for the Failover object.
  3. In the Monitor PC dropdown list, select the name of the Computer object that is to be under control (1).
  4. In the Expect reconnection (sec) field, specify the time period (in seconds) at the end of which configuration is transferred to a standby Server when the Server connection fails (2).
  5. In the Objects table, specify the list of configuration objects (that are to be transferred to a standby Server if connection fails) of the main Server:
    1. Manually one by one:
      1.  In the Type dropdown list, select the object type (3).
      2. In the Number dropdown list, select the object ID (4).
      3. The Name field is automatically filled in with the name of a corresponding object (5).
      4. Repeat steps i-iii for all objects (that are to be transferred to a standby Server if connection fails) in the objects tree of a Server under control.


        To add a new line in the table, click the downwards arrow on the keyboard.
      5. Click the Apply button (7).
    2. As a group:
      1. Click the Range button (6). The Range box is displayed.
      2. In the dropdown list, select the object type (1).
      3. In the table, mark the required objects of this type (2). To mark several objects, hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
      4. Click the  button to transfer selected objects to the list of the objects under control. The list is on the right of the Range box.


        The  button is used to transfer the object back from the list of objects under control to the list of available objects.
      5. Repeat steps ii-iv for all required objects.
      6. Click the OK button (3).
      7. Click the Apply button (7).
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all main Servers under control of a configured standby Server in the distributed system.

The failover mode is now configured.

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