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  • Configuration of the typical interface objects in the intellect software

Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The following typical interface objects are in use for monitoring of security intercom terminal:


Typical objects of the Intellect software – are widely used objects in digital systems of video surveillance and audio control built on the basis of Intellect software.
  1. Display – displays components of user interface which are in use for security intercom terminals;
  2. Monitor – displays video from the video camera of security intercom terminals while calling;
  3. Audio player – records and playbacks audio signals from the operator and/or SIP-device.

Configuration of typical interface objects in the Intellect software is performed as follows:


 Detail information about typical interface objects configuration can be found in the Administrator's Guide document.


 “Display 4321”, “Monitor 4321” and “Audio player 4321” names are reserved for objects which are in use to view the archive by calls from the “Reports wizard for security intercom terminal” window (see the Report log). It is not recommended to use these names for typical interface objects configuration to avoid the incorrect working of the system.
  1. Create the Display object on the Intercom Subsystem Server. On settings panel of the Display object set the checkbox close to a Client for which this object will be available.
  2. On the basis of Display object create the Monitor object on which video from the video camera of security intercom terminals while calling will display. Add video cameras which are to be monitored to the List table.
  3. Create the Audio player object on the basis of the Display object. From the Name column select the Microphone object corresponding to the Client microphone for which the Display object is available. Then select Microphone objects corresponding to physical and virtual microphones of all SIP-devices connected to the Intercom Subsystem Server.


Voice notification of the Audio player is to be enabled because it is in use for notification of operator.

Configuration of typical interface objects of the Intellect software is completed.

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