Documentation for Intellect 4.9.8. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The following video capture devices are qualified as YUAN cards: SC390N16 (WS16), SC3B0N16 (WS216), SC200Q4 (FS15), SC300Q16 (FX4), SC300D16 (FX8), SC310N16 (FX16), SC200Q4 Low profile (FS115) and SC510N4 (FX HD4).

For these cards updating from DriversPack 3.2.21 and lower to version 3.2.22 and above is performed as follows:

  1. Remove installed DriversPack and install a new version or update the installed Driverspack.
  2. Repair the Intellect software package (see the Repairing INTELLECT™ software section in Administrator's Guide).


    The repairing utility is to be run using the login of computer Administrator.
  3. Check whether the drivers for video capture card are installed (see the Testing installation of drivers for video capture cards section).
  4. Install the driver if it was not installed (see the Installing drivers for video capture cards section).


The YUAN card will not be found by the Camera discovery tool after performing actions which are described above. in this case configure video subsystem manually (see the Video subsystem configuration section).

The card will be found by the Camera discovery tool if you install DriversPack and then install the Intellect software package.

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