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Documentation for Intellect 4.11.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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GetObjectParams method is designed for getting the object’s parameters.

Method call syntax:

 function GetObjectParams(objectType : String, objectId : String)

Method arguments:

  1. objectType – required argument. Set the type of the system object ("CAM", "GRAY", "GRABBER" e.t.c.), for which the type of a parent object should be given back. Accepted values: type String, range is restricted by object types  registered in the system.
  2. objectId – object’s identifier. Accepted values: String type.

Example. It is necessary to check the color control of camera №2  upon the start of Macros№1. If camera 2 is a color one, set it to recording.

 if (Event.SourceType == "MACRO" && Event.SourceId && Event.Action == "RUN")
var msg = CreateMsg();
msg.StringToMsg(GetObjectParams("CAM", "2"));
if(msg.GetParam("color") == "1")
DoReactStr("CAM", "2", "REC", "");