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Documentation for Intellect 4.11.0. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Search by colour is performed within the limits of search by line crossing or search by motion in the area.


Colour range setting is a part of search by line crossing or search by motion parameters setting.

To search by colour do the following:

  1. Select the type of search (search by line crossing or search by motion in the area).
  2. Search by selected type (see Search by line crossing, Search by motion in the area parts).
  3. To set colour range for which the search will be performed, click  at the set line or area.

    Colour range setting form appears.
  4. Select colour range for search. Hover cursor over supposed range beginning (coloured or black-and-white) and pressing the left mouse button go till final colour in the circle.
    Black-and-white range setting:

    Coloured range setting:
  5. The Color range setting form will be automatically hidden after specifying the color range for search. To discard the specified color values open the form again (using the button) and click the right mouse button on it. The search will be performed without taking into account the color of moving object after discarding the color values.


In case of clicking the left mouse button at one colour in spectrum, the search will be performed for adjacent (selected colour is specified by the arrow at the figure below).


For the search to be more effective not a specific colour (according to illumination conditions and other surroundings parameters) but a colour range is set. The search checks whether the object is coloured into the colour from colour1-colour2 range. If there is a yes-answer this video recording will be displayed in search results.

As a result the search selects the video recordings that correspond to parameters of selected search (search by line crossing or search by motion in the area) and the video recordings in which the moving object contains at least one colour from the colour range. Search results are displayed in timestamps column.