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Documentation for Intellect 4.11.0-4.11.2. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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This option is available for all devices based on Axis MIPS architecture (ARTPEC-4 or ARTPEC-5 processor) or ARMv7 architecture (ARTPEC-6 or ARTPEC-7 processor). The settings are given in the AxxonSoft Tracker Help.

All CPU heavy analytics and metadata generation tasks are delegated to the camera in this case reducing Server load. 


In order to perform forensic search in the archive while using this method of metadata generation, create and configure the VMDA metadata storage and Tracker objects and select the created above detection tool as metadata source for the Tracker. See also Creating and configuring the Tracker object and Creating and configuring VMDA metadata storage.

It is not necessary to create the VMDA metadata storage and Tracker objects only to receive the detection tool triggerings.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the device's web interface. 
  2. Select the Setup menu (1) -> Applications (2).
  3. Select the ACAP application (3) and click Upload the Package (4).


    The application can be downloaded from AxxonSoft web site here.

  4. Go to AxxonSoft Tracker  menu (1) -> License(2).
  5. Select the license file (3) and click Install (4).


    Register a license code along with camera's MAC address on Axis website in order to get the license file.

    Contact AxxonSoft help-desk to get the license code.

  6. Go to  Applications, select the installed application (1) and click Start (2).
  7. Add the Axis device to the Intellect software using the Camera discovery tool. An Embedded detection tool object corresponding to the tracker is created on the base of the Camera object.
  8. Configure this object in the Intellect software according to the Configuring embedded detectors section.


    The tracker parameters are configured in the Setup -> Applications -> AxxonSoft Tracker  -> Settings section of the Axis device web-interface similar to the Tracker object in the Intellect software (see Creating and configuring the Tracker object).

Axxonsoft tracker is now configured to be used in Axis devices.

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