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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Digital video surveillance systems based on INTELLECT™ software allow to use the following video capture cards:

  • FS-5
  • FS-6
  • FS-16
  • FS-8
  • SC200Q4 (FS15)
  • SC200Q4 Low profile (FS115)
  • SC230N4
  • FX2
  • SC300Q16 (FX4)
  • SC300D16 (FX8)
  • SC310N16 (FX16)
  • SL16-200 (FX116)
  • FX416
  • MS416
  • SC510N4 (FX HD4)
  • MS416
  • WS-7
  • SC390N16 (WS16)
  • WS-17
  • SC3B0N16 (WS216)
  • VRC6004
  • VRC6008
  • VRC6416
  • VRC7008L
  • VRC6404HD
  • SC590N4
  • SC330Q16
  • SC330D16

Technical features of these video capture cards are given in the Technical specifications of video capture cards section of the Installing and configuring security system components guide

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