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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Before you start working with the utility check the value of IndexRebuilding parameter in HKLM/SOFTWARE/ITV/INTELLECT/Video for 32-bit systems (HKLM/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/ITV/INTELLECT/Video for 64-bit) section of OS Windows registry: by default it should be 0. If the parameter value differs from the value by default, you should change it to 0, otherwise the utility will not idex the archive.

To reindex archive files after its changing (for example, after copying new video recordings to one or several archive disks), do the following:

  1. Start index.exe utility (see Starting and shutting down the utility section).
  2. In appeared window select archive disks for reindexing by setting checkbox next to required disks (1). Check Select All to set all checkboxes (2)
  3. To start reindexing click the Start button (3).


    At the time of reindexing all the elements of utility window are not active.
  4. Rebuilding process is displayed by progress bar (4) and in the text field (5).
  5. When you finish reindexing, shut the window of utility.

Reindexing of archive files is completed.

To reindex archive files without using the dialog box, in the command line start index.exe utility with parameters, for instance, index.exe C, D command will reindex archive files on disks C and D. To reindex archive files on all disks, use the all parameter.

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