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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Synchro export of audio and video recordings is controlled through the playback control panel.

Choose Export in the functions menu of the video surveillance window and then select Save Recording to AVI.

Parameters of the video and sound signals, which will be saved, may be configured in the displayed sub-menu.

Compression quality is selected in the standard Windows dialog box.

Select Codec in the dialog box and, if available, compression quality.
Compression quality of the synchro audio recording is selected in the standard Windows dialog box.

Choose audio format in the dialog box and select a set of sound quality parameters, or a pre-defined settings profile.

 As soon as recording saving parameters are selected, the video segment may be exported to the file by selecting the Start Saving command. The Playback button will be highlighted in the course of saving, whereas the playback position indicator will count down the frame currently being processed.

As soon as the video segment saving process is complete, the Playback button is no longer highlighted.


The file containing the saved video recording supported with sound is saved to the C:\Users\%current user name%\Documents\Intellect\export\ directory. The file name is generated as follows: <camera number> (<date> <time>). For instance, 02 (03-10-07 16'28'06).avi (file extension is controlled through the compression quality configuration).