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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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If the Map is multilayered, the layer switch-over will be required. Switching over the map layers is performed in one of the following ways:

  1. Using the links between layers.
  2. Using the Map feature menu.

Auto switch-over between Map layers is also supported. If auto switch-over is enabled, the program automatically switches to the Map layer where one of the devices has registered an alarm. For instance, if the Map window is displaying A layer and at this point of time an alarm is registered on B layer, the program will automatically switch-over to B layer and show it in the window. In this case a window displaying the Map may be shown over all other windows. Auto switch-over between Map layers is configured and enabled during the Program configuration.

To switch over the map layers create the special links between the Map layers during the Program configuration.

To switch between the Map layers use the appropriate or  icon.

Each layer of the Map may accommodate an indefinite number of interlayer link icons referring to any layer existing on the Map. The icon of link to the previous layer can also be added.

To switch to another Map layer, left-click the icon corresponding to the required layer.

Moreover, the recursive search for alarm links on the Map is also supported. If this feature is enabled, devices which have registered an alarm, are searched for automatically across all Map layers. For instance, there are 3 layers, where layer 1 is linked to layer 2, and layer 2 is linked to layer 3. If the Recursive alarming links search option is enabled, a layer 3 link icon on layer 2 and also a layer 2 link icon on layer 1 will start blinking as soon as an alarm is registered on layer 3. Otherwise, if Recursive alarming links search is disabled, only a layer 3 link icon on layer 2 will be blinking. The Recursive alarm links search option is initiated during the Program configuration.


If additional alarm indication on the layer is configured using the special alarm icon, then the icon will be changed to the icon specified in the settings and it will blink while detecting an alarm (see Linking the layers of the interactive map).

Switch over the Map layers using the feature menu

To switch over the map layers using the feature menu right-click on the map area free from the object icons.

In the opened feature menu select the Layers item and specify the layer to switch to. If Map layers were grouped into folders in the object tree at the system configuration stage, then at first select the corresponding folder and then the required layer.

This way of switching over the map layers does not require the previous settings and allows switching over the current layer to any other layer permitted to the user by rights.