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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Check readiness for operation of the entire communication environment, cameras, microphones and other system components before starting the system.


If the path to the intellect.sec key file was not specified during the installation, it is necessary to put intellect.sec into the Intellect software root directory. In the absence of the key file starting will be in the DEMO mode.

The Intellect system can be started either:

  1. Automatically. The software starts automatically after the operating system loads.
  2. Manually. Intellect can be started through the Start menu: Start → All Programs → Intellect. To start Server configuration click the Intellect menu item, while for Client configuration go to Client Workstation.

The start-up window will be displayed.


If there is no license key and Intellect is started in the demo mode, then there is the “Demo mode” message in the startup dialog box.

If user rights restrictions were implemented during software configuration, then a password will be required from the user during start-up of the software. Enter the password and click the Registration button.


The number of login attempts is limited. If an incorrect password is entered three times, the next login attempt can be made in 60 seconds.

If Windows authentication is used for authorization, login and password input is not neccessary. To start the Intellect software just click the Registration button. Login and Password fields are to be empty in this case.


The Intellect software package provides with three types of user rights: administration, controlling and monitoring

Confirmation by supervisor is required while the user log-in to the system if the authorization by four-eyes rule is configured in the system. After clicking the Registration button it will be proposed to enter the supervisor login and password. After entering the supervisor password click the Registration button again.

The password change can be required if there is the corresponding setting in the Intellect software. It may occur at the first user login to the system or after the current password time-out. In this case after clicking the Registration button you will be proposed to enter and confirm a new password.

The password can be changed by user request if there is the corresponding setting in the Intellect software. In this case click the Change password button and then enter and confirm the new password.


 If the user is forbidden to change the password by request, the corresponding message will be displayed


The new password is not to be the same as the previous one.

To start the Intellect software after entering the new password click the Registration button.

Shutting down

Shut down the Intellect software as follows:

  1. Point the mouse to the upper right corner of the screen and the Intellect Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) will appear.
  2. Click the   button in the QAT.
  3. Select the Shutdown menu item.


The Log off menu item is also available in the menu that appears when left-clicking the  symbol in the Windows system tray, or by holding the F8 hotkey.


Software shutdown will begin, and a password will be required if one is set. Enter the password and click the Shutdown button.


When shutting down Intellect in Client configuration in a way that somehow differs from one listed above, particularly when restarting the computer without shutting down Intellect, the interface parameters may remain unsaved. For example, the data about saved layouts on the Video monitor can be lost.


The software can be configured to forbid logging off/shutdown. Then the Shutdown item is not listed in the menu.