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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Before start searching a query is to be created.

When making a key phrase for combining several elements (words and/or word phrases) select one of the following search modes in the Search mode dropdown list:

  1. All words – to search captions containing all elements of a key phrase (a space is a separating symbol).
  2. Any word – to search captions containing at least one element of a key phrase (a space is a separating symbol).
  3. Substring – to search captions containing all the key phrase elements in the specified order (the number of spaces is ignored).

* symbol can be used when making a key phrase – it means any number of any symbols in a word.

Time interval for data search is set in the Period from and to fields.

Before searching you are to select captions databases by setting the checkboxes next to required captions databases in the captions database state table.


To start searching, click the Find button.

When the search is performed, the query status is displayed in the table of captions databases states (Query executing state for all selected captions databases).

Yo can cancel search by clicking the Cancel button.

When the search is complete, all transactions found in the selected captions databases are displayed in the search results table.

By default search results by all captioners are displayed in the Total tab. Double clicking the captioner name the tab containing the search results for the selected captioner appears.

To view the search results, select the tab with the required captions database and then select the required transaction in the search results table.

The corresponding captions are displayed as the text in the search results field.



If in the search results there are no captions that were recorded before Intellect reinstallation, then indexing of the captions archive is to be performed. For this select Tools – Reindex menu item in the Captioner debug window that is called by double left-clicking the  icon in the taskbar.

The video corresponding to the selected transaction is displayed in the search results field.

Export and processing functions simillar to those of Video surveillance monitor are available in this window, including video clips export.


Period export and background export are not available in this window.

For more details on using Video surveillabce monitor functions, see Operator's Guide.

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