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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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 The database backup copy is created using the idb.exe utility (see the Creating the database backup copy section).

Database restoring from backup copy is also performed using the idb.exe utility the following way:

  1. Open the idb.exe utility (see the Running and shutting-down the utility section).
  2. From the Select data source: drop-down list select MS SQL-Basic data database.


    Select the vertical solution database to restore a backup copy of the vertical solution database, for example, for ATM-Intellect/Monitoring the data source is MonitorSSTV.

  3.  Click the Restore from backup (MS SQL) button (1).
  4. Using the standard dialog of files opening select the created earlier file with database backup copy.
  5. As a result the process of database restoring from backup copy will start. Information about process is displayed in the Protocol informational table (2).
  6. Restoring is completed when the Restoration from a backup copy is completed! message will be displayed in the Protocol table.
  7. To complete working click the OK button. As a result the window will be automatically closed (3).

Database restoring from backup copy is completed.

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