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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New Features

  1. Filter objects by color in live video VMDA (Video Motion Detection Analytics) tools
  2. Facial recognition settings now have an option for black and white video. Black and white video processing reduces CPU load with a slight decrease in the quality of face capture and recognition
  3. Photos of new users are saved in Access Manager
  4. The Failover service can now transfer the configuration if the primary server is not responding to pings .  Added commands to force transfer and roll back the configuration: FORCED_START and FORCED_STOP 
  5. In Map Editor, you can now search for objects to add to the map
  6. Dynamic filtering is now available in the object list window on the map
  7. Set the background color for the map
  8. Set background colors for object names on the map
  9. Set the font typeface, size and color for object names on the map
  10. Assign access rights by map layer
  11. Group map layers into folders
  12. Within Map Editor, you can sort objects by their IDs via the SortSubItems registry key
  13. Set the angle, size and coordinates for multiple objects at once
  14. Simultaneously adjust settings for multiple polygons on the map
  15. The maximum number of vertices for a polygon on the map has been increased to 50
  16. An option for linking to the previous layer is now available in the map layer linking settings. You can now add a button to go back to the previous layer
  17. View archived videos from Videogate and Backup Archive via an RTSP server
  18. Request and export any video frame from any camera stream
  19. To make the Intercom monitor buttons resizable, use the DefaultButtonWidth and DefaultRowHeight registry keys
  20. Use the clean_object_lists registry key to clean up the list of cameras in the Monitor section after deleting cameras
  21. The Operator Protocol report shows groupings of identical reactions to alarms 
  22. Router IP addresses can be substitued when using NAT for ECHD (the Single Data Storage and Processing Centre)
  23. You can keep the Event Log and HTML interface on top of all other windows
  24. The filter selection area of the Event Log window is now limited to a checkbox and the filter name
  25. The Event Log columns now include dynamic filtering by full or partial string matching
  26. You can now build reports with the new "Card" field in Event Log to show the access card
  27. "Passage" events now include card numbers stored in a dedicated field
  28. Upon deletion of an archive from the Monitor, a file deletion event is displayed in Event Log
  29. Event Log now registers keystrokes on CCTV keyboards
  30. You can now change the background color in the Monitor settings
  31. In the Monitor, customize the image that is shown when the connection is lost by replacing the default freeze frame with any other bitmap image via the ShowDisconnectState key
  32. Password protection added for exported .exe archives
  33. Multiple web server objects can be created
  34. The archive period request event now returns the time zone offset
  35. You can now specify arbitrary connection ports for the CamMonitor module
  36. Added an option to connect via token-based authentication with an expiration date via the Intellect HTTP API
  37. You can now disable the F8 Settings menu with the Disablef8 registry key
  38. Disable F10 and F11 keys via the RegisterF10andF11 key
  39. The Tweaki utility now displays the SQL database size
  40. Optionally enable VLC compatibility mode in the RTSP server configuration window (sends the current time to the player instead of the frame time)
  41. When exporting an archive, an event is created containing information about the operator, camera, time interval of the exported footage and the time of the export completion
  42. Added support for MP2L2 audio codec 
  43. Use new color-selectable markers to set bookmarks on the archive timeline
  44. If a bookmarked video is longer than permitted, a warning message is displayed
  45. Archive indexes can now be loaded into RAM on boot-up with the FastIndex registry key
  46. You can now resize the settings windows for the tracker's mask and perspective and the VMDA detection tool by dragging with Shift + right-click
  47. Updates to AxxonPlayer and AxxonPlayer Portable. Minor bugs fixed
  48. The About window now offers information about installed software and hardware and a list of available and created objects in the system
  49. Photos of users are displayed in the Users tab
  50. The RTSP server is now capable of H.265 video streaming
  51. In CamMonitor, you can now select a camera stream to be displayed
  52. To establish the proper display of certain video sources, the deinterlacing function is now available via the registry (path: Video\Deinterlace)
  53. The Drivers Pack has been upgraded to version 3.51.2354 


Bug Fixes

  1. Map Editor now offers dual status display of sensors and relays.
  2. Fixed a rarely-occurring crash at first export via the AviExport command.
  3. Camera names are now displayed correctly in small camera windows.
  4. Optimized operation of the RTSP server when requesting multiple archive streams at the same time.
  5. Fixed an issue with incorrect reports from multiple Operator Protocols.
  6. Fixed an issue with recorded video from ONVIF 2.x cameras with the VMD enabled.
  7. Eliminated a bug in Editor-Debugger that caused inactive scripts to be opened.
  8. Fixed an issue related to non-creation of an HTML page interface.
  9. Fixed a bug that interrupted continuous recording when an alarm ended.
  10. Eliminated a problem with adding cameras to the active Monitor.
  11. Fixed an issue with the client-server configuration where Audio Player was incapable of playing multiple microphone channels at once.
  12. Fixed a problem with transmitting sensor status by HTTP request.
  13. Fixed a frame skipping issue in loop recording from a large number of cameras.
  14. Fixed a rarely-occurring video freezing problem.
  15. Fixed a problem with the web2 module startup in the Turkish localization.
  16. Fixed a rare Intellect kernel crash with ANPR engaged.
  17. Fixed a rare web server crash with a mobile connection.
  18. Fixed a bug that caused audio and video to desync in exported videos with pre-alarm recording.
  19. Fixed an issue of losing PTZ control with Axis joysticks.
  20. Optimized bandwidth usage for multiple Videogates in a distributed system.
  21. Improved simultaneous access to all camera channels when opening an archive. Improved simultaneous archive playback of all camera channels.
  22. Fixed an issue of losing "Maintain camera aspect ratio" settings.
  23. Resolved an issue that caused artifacts in pruned video footage.
  24. Eliminated a bug that caused incorrect deletion of a bookmark.
  25. Improved video display modes in the Monitor.
  26. Fixed a bug that prevented the script from restoring a lost connection to the database.
  27. Fixed the problem of increased CPU load on remote workstations.
  28. Eliminated an issue with duplicate database IDs for copied objects.
  29. Fixed the display of the last event from an object in the Map context menu.
  30. Fixed a bug that led to significant delays when opening an archive with all camera channels active.
  31. Redesigned the behavior of the "Store no more than" parameter.
  32. The Caption Search interface is now displayed correctly on remote workstations.
  33. Eliminated a bug that interfered with video display via Videogate after the Failover server accepted the configuration.
  34. Fixed an issue with displaying video from cameras via Videogate.
  35. Eliminated issues with the playback quality of voice notifications.
  36. Fixed the problem of increased CPU load when switching screens on remote workstations.
  37. The script status is now displayed correctly during a test run.
  38. Fixed a problem with active camera switching in the PTZ control panel.
  39. Improvements to the Intellect file system; fixed a rare problem with opening the archive.
  40. Fixed an issue that could cause crashes when a camera is deleted from the screen on a remote workstation.
  41. Eliminated a bug that caused the database sync server to crash when a remote workstation connects.
  42. Enhancements to the Users tab: a progress bar now indicates loading of users and departments.
  43. Fixed a bug in the Operator Protocol: filters now work normally even if hidden from view.
  44. Improved stability of the SyncProtocol.exe utility.
  45. Map layers are now displayed correctly.
  46. Eliminated a bug that interfered with video display after the Failover server accepted the configuration.
  47. Fixed a bug that caused crashes when exporting a frame.
  48. Improved stability of exporting videos from fisheye cameras after de-warping.
  49. You can now apply a motion detector exclusion mask even if it extends beyond the camera window.
  50. Fixed the display of the map icon in the notification tray.
  51. Fixed the display of time intervals for reports in Event Log.
  52. Camera status is now displayed correctly after the Failover service accepts a configuration.
  53. Eliminated a bug that caused heavy memory usage on a remote workstation when browsing the archive.
  54. Fixed a problem that interrupted the video display on remote workstations.
  55. Fixed an issue that involved losing the zoom and focus control via the Videotec protocol.
  56. Eliminated a problem with exiting the edit mode when setting masks for detection zones.
  57. Fixed the problem with the presence of captions in the exported video.
  58. Fixed a bug that caused artifacts in feeds recorded from Hikvision cameras.
  59. Audio Player: improved sound activation and fixed incorrect microphone status.
  60. Corrected an issue with voice calls to SIP devices.
  61. Port 20911 is now available for connection if a Deep Archive hasn't been created.
  62. Corrected an issue with decreased frame rates when accessing camera feeds via the web server.
  63. Fixed PTZ control issues with the SPC-1010 panel.
  64. Fixed an issue where a SIP device did not receive a Busy message on completion of a call.
  65. Improved the stability of the RTSP server.
  66. The SQL server installation is now optional.
  67. Fixed an issue with setting  the IP address to nothing (leaving the field blank) in the Architecture tab.
  68. Improved the IE 7+ version checking in the "html page" object.
  69. Fixed a bug where the web server did not always return the archive frame at the specified time.
  70. The web server no longer crashes on an invalid export request from ECHD (the Single Data Storage and Processing Centre).
  71. Fixed the problem of long response times for archive requests from the web server.
  72. Fixed a bug that prevented the System Restart Service from restarting the detector_ext process.
  73. Fixed the problem of rebooting the module at a specified timeout in the System Restart service.
  74. Fixed an issue with starting the 64-bit Intellect process with a Guardant dongle.
  75. Eliminated duplicate remote workstation connection events in Event Log.
  76. Corrected a bug that caused crashes when navigating through recorded video on Windows XP.
  77. Eliminated an issue where events were generated by a non-existent Backup Archive panel.
  78. Eliminated a problem with saving captions in the database.
  79. Sorting is now preserved after re-opening the Bookmarks window.
  80. Fixed the "Restart recording on archive entering" parameter.
  81. Improved overall system stability when editing objects in large distributed configurations.
  82. Fixed the display of captions after exporting videos to .exe files.
  83. Fixed the problem with sound reception from SC590N4 video capture cards.
  84. Eliminated an issue where the resulting file was not automatically removed after a canceled export.
  85. Fixed a bug that prevented applying user rights to the Alarm Message window.
  86. Corrected the playback of archive fragments longer than 500 frames.
  87. Updated the GreenStream logic: if multiple threads of identical resolution are created, the stream with the higher bitrate is displayed.
  88. You can now disable layout editing with the DisableReplaceCam registry key.
  89. Eliminated a bug that led to decreased frame rates on remote workstations.
  90. Fixed the problem with displaying archive videos on remote workstations through Videogate.
  91. Monitors now display correctly when using the Failover service.
  92. Improved the stability of the RTSP server while requesting ECHD (the Single Data Storage and Processing Centre).
  93. Eliminated the delay before script execution.
  94. Improved stability of FX-114/116 capture boards.
  95. Fixed the post-alarm recording display on the Monitor.
  96. Resolved the login/password issue when using the CamMonitor module.
  97. Fixed the button that disables PTZ control in the Monitor.
  98. Fixed an issue where the object selection on the map was not reflected in the object list.
  99. Eliminated a bug that caused video module crashes when using the Control Panel during a video export in the Monitor.
  100. Fixed a bug that caused sound module crashes and dropouts in audio streams from IP cameras.
  101. Resolved an issue where the Access Manager child objects might not be displayed.
  102. Fixed an issue when the alarm-triggered video stream selected in camera settings could not be recorded.
  103. Resolved an issue where the CamMonitor module could not be registered on a clean OS.
  104. Fixed a bug where the Configuration Check utility required a complete reboot of Intellect software.
  105. Improved logging for the JScript module.
  106. Eliminated frame skipping during fast playback from a report.
  107. Fixed a bug where a large number of captioners could not be displayed in a single caption search window.
  108. Fixed a bug that caused Videogate to return the wrong camera status.
  109. Fixed the problem with domain user authorization on the web server.
  110. The map now displays registered events set in the object filter.
  111. The number of event processing threads for the Intellect kernel is limited to eight.
  112. Fixed a bug that prevented parameter changes in the object tree from being passed to the map, so they weren't displayed.
  113. Fixed the operation of the Fit to Window checkbox on system restart.
  114. Fixed a bug preventing the playback of recorded footage in the Event Log after the restart of the server where the footage is viewed.
  115. Fixed a problem where: the thickness of a line was ignored while controlling a line on the map with the right mouse button.
  116. Resolved an issue where portions of the timeline containing no video footage were not displayed.
  117. Fixed an issue where currently registered events were not displayed in the object list.
  118. Fixed error: loss of the current layout after updating the Monitor.
  119. Improved the fast playback of footage from cameras' built-in storage.
  120. Fixed a problem where: AviExport utility could not export video from cameras named using OS forbidden characters.
  121. Solved the user authentication problem via mobile applications by Windows credentials after Intellect server has been moved to a different domain.
  122. Optimized the simultaneous fast playback of recorded footage from multiple cameras. Added the MonitorForwardSkipSpeed registry key, which determines the fps value starting from which all single camera video streams have to be pruned by reference frames during playback.
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