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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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New features and improvements

  1. The archive on the failover server is now synced with the archive on the main server after recovery. This uses the Video Backup module.
  2. File system revamped:
    1. Optimized loop-based recording and data deletion in multi-disk configurations
    2. Accelerated reading video archive indexes
    3. Increased stability and performance.
  3. Videogate supports multistreaming (streams all video feeds from a camera).
  4. Videogate allows constant recording for only the cameras that are streamed to clients.
  5. Object classification (human, vehicle, or group of people) is available for live video detection tools and recorded video searches using the VMDA system.
  6. The tracker can trigger an alert when it detects a specific number of objects in the frame.
  7. Added the ability to create multiple masks in the VMDA tracker.
  8. VMDA detection tools don't require constant recording.
  9. GreenStream switches between streams with digital zooming.
  10. Moving objects are tracked on the map for the Strelets-Integral ISS.
  11. The operator's screen has a new Maintain camera aspect ratio setting to correctly display images from cameras with different aspect ratios.
  12. A new utility moves logging to a separate database keeping web reports efficient.
  13. The Bookmarks window now has search and filters.
  14. In the map editor, breakpoints can be added to a line using CTRL + right-click.
  15. The map editor displays object states in turn, rather than simultaneously (if there are multiple states).
  16. Export is available for dewarped video from cameras with a fisheye or rotated image.
  17. The Operator Log allows delayed alerts and hiding/showing the alert buttons.
  18. Improved control of playback speed and toggling playback between forward and reverse using the arrow buttons.
  19. Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to macros.
  20. Multi-selection of archives with Ctrl or Shift when setting up protection of video recordings.
  21. Color can be configured for polygons and circles on the map using ddi utility.
  22. The title search now has an option to search for a substring.
  23. The Event Log shows the card number for all events associated with cards.
  24. The Map | Fit to Window command can be used in macros and scripts. It shows the entire map in the window.
  25. The name of a monitor can be displayed on the panel.
  26. Added the MaximizeCameraOnDblClk and MinimizeCameraOnDblClk registry keys to control the switch to single camera window view and back by double-clicking the camera in the Monitor.
  27. Scripts have a timer function that works without creating a timer in the object tree.
  28. Added the MonitorPlaybackControlByMouseWheel registry key for using the mouse wheel to control the playback speed.
  29. A new option in the General settings opens the documentation when you press F1.
  30. The detection tool can show a box that marks where an object appeared or disappeared.
  31. Integration with Manitou monitoring software.
  32. The Operator Log has new fields that show the Operator (who handled the event) and the Response (the decision that was made).
  33. Added Korean localization.
  34. Many small improvements in the Event Log.
  35. Added the ConnectOnlyByClient registry key to disable the transfer of video from the server to Videogate if the client does not request video.
  36. Added the savemode registry key, which allows you not to exit the archive mode when changing the layout.
  37. Added the BookmarkMaxLen registry key, which allows you to limit the maximum archive history for a bookmark in the Monitor.
  38. Added the ability to filter objects on the computer in the Event Log filter.
  39. Added a script for displaying a minimap and an event that is generated when it is closed.

Bug fixes

  1. Corrected audio recording so the audio is recorded at the frequency set in microphone settings.
  2. Fixed how archives are displayed in the calendar — users with restricted access can't see archive information.
  3. On the archive calendar, days that have an archive available are always shown in bold now.
  4. A problem has been fixed where the microphones of certain IP cameras were not shown in the sound card settings.
  5. Corrected a problem with the title search not working in the Monitoring and ATM modules.
  6. Fixed a problem with remote workstations accessing archives from cameras behind a Videogate.
  7. Fixed an error downloading the ddi file when starting Intellect if there are multiple ddi files of the same type nearby.
  8. Fixed an error that caused video playback to stop when it was slowed down.
  9. Fixed an error with changing the sensor/relay performer when added through IPWizard.
  10. Resolved an issue with the web server not receiving video from Videogate.
  11. Corrected event sorting in the Event Log.
  12. Monitor no longer freezes up on the remote monitoring workstation when displayed through Videogate.
  13. Resolved an access issue so users who don't have camera management rights can no longer control the camera.
  14. The Record button in the remote workstation sometimes stopped working if the camera was streamed through Videogate. This has been fixed.
  15. The camera always exits the archive viewing mode when changing layouts now (if this is configured).
  16. The web server starts up quickly now.
  17. The Hide Object IDs option works correctly now to hide object IDs on the map.
  18. Corrected the problem with audio.run crashing when the microphone was physically connected to the camera.
  19. Resolved an issue with crashes when deleting map layer connections.
  20. Fixed a problem that caused crashes when configuring disks in Videogate.
  21. The Failover service now always transfers the objects after the connection is re-established.
  22. Fixed an issue with audio distortions in archives exported in the background.
  23. Fixed an error that caused crashes during system configuration on certain OS locales.
  24. The link to a map layer where an alert was triggered always blinks now.
  25. Archive navigation with the arrow buttons works correctly now.
  26. Fixed an error that caused crashes when many trackers were created.
  27. Synced the time zones for the titles and descriptions of exported videos.
  28. Fixed a problem in which brief sensor triggering were ignored.
  29. Fixed a problem with the macro not working to remove cameras from the monitor.
  30. Resolved an issue with incomplete syncing of archives from Remote Storage.
  31. Fixed crashes caused by setting the wrong window size in the Event Log.
  32. The Camera Time option now works correctly to show the camera's time in the monitor.
  33. Fixed the installation of WS6 drivers on Windows 7 (32 bit).
  34. Fixed a problem with not showing archives from Remote Storage.
  35. Corrected the problem with increased memory consumption on the web server.
  36. Fixed jerkiness in live/archived video.
  37. Resolved a problem with artifacts appearing in the archive.
  38. Fixed an error when the playback button disappeared during VMDA search.
  39. The macro works correctly now for exporting archives.
  40. Archives with a low frequency of reference frames export correctly now.
  41. Video playback now works correctly from the title search window.
  42. Resolved an issue in which the board code was not returned when requested through the ATM module.
  43. Older events in the Event Log are deleted correctly now.
  44. Fixed an error that reduced the frame rate for live video on other cameras when fast forwarding a certain archive.
  45. Now the next DNS server in the list is reconnected to even if the remote workstation was installed and configured under a non-administrator OS account.
  46. User authorization with supervisor confirmation is now performed correctly on the remote workstation.
  47. When a server was disconnected, it sometimes took a long time for the Failover server to receive the lost connection event. This has been fixed.
  48. Corrected the problem with controlling the font size in titles through the FontCamNameHeight and FontCamTimeHeight registry keys.
  49. Fixed the issue with deleting the indexes of the STATES table when syncing.
  50. Fixed an issue that could cause crashes when objects were deleted from the map.
  51. Resolved a problem with the kernel accumulating queues when the web server is running.
  52. A problem with the archive audio not starting after a pause has been fixed.
  53. Fixed an error that caused the first few seconds of a recording to be missing in an archive exported to AVI.
  54. Prerecording audio now works correctly.
  55. Fast forwarding a video through Videogate was slower than without Videogate. This has been fixed.
  56. Reduced CPU load when requesting a stream from the web server.
  57. Improved tracking performance for certain platforms.
  58. Audio recording now works correctly in the Audio Player.
  59. Polish characters are now displayed correctly in mobile clients.
  60. The Video Backup now works correctly if the main archive has a damaged file.
  61. CTRL + C and CTRL + V now work to copy configuration objects after the user logs in.
  62. Corrected the list of cameras in the Synchronization tab for the Computer object in distributed systems.
  63. Fixed a problem with controlling PTZ cameras on WaveServer 1554.
  64. Fixed an issue in which the VMDA detection tool generated alerts for a camera even if this option is turned off.
  65. Fixed a problem that caused crashes when using multistreaming on the Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZHS/P camera.
  66. The Event Log window no longer closes with ALT + F4.
  67. Fixed an error that caused crashes when exiting the archive during export.
  68. Fixed an error that caused crashes when exporting an archive with 4K resolution.
  69. Disabled objects are no longer displayed on the map.
  70. Fixed an error that prevented the communications subsystem reports being generated.
  71. After Intellect restarted, the Event Log stopped displaying videos of old events. This has been fixed.
  72. Line objects are now displayed correctly on the map.
  73. Corrected how long camera names are displayed for small monitors.
  74. The kernel has been optimized for many large events.
  75. Corrected the problem where the link to the map layer might have the wrong color.
  76. Fixed the issue that made switching between screens too slow.
  77. Titles no longer disappear when increasing the size of the camera window in the monitor.
  78. The password is hidden now in the Video Input Device Setup window.
  79. Resolved an issue with events not loading in the Event Log when the Load Log option was enabled.
  80. Corrected the problem where a PTZ camera might pivot when the speaker icon was clicked on the monitor.
  81. Audio from archives in a distributed configuration is played back correctly now.
  82. Archive playback now switches smoothly from fast forward to normal speed.
  83. Fixed the video.run module crashing if the system disk ran out of space.
  84. Fixed the issue that returned an incorrect state of sensors through the HTTP API.
  85. Fixed the issue with video export to .exe format using AviExport utility.
  86. Fixed the issue with video export with sound using AviExport utility.
  87. Fixed an issue that caused Intellect to stop working with the video capture cards in a few days.
  88. Fixed a bug that prevented protected records from playing in mobile clients.
  89. Fixed Intellect bugs with the “Keep under” and “Keep over” settings.
  90. Fixed the installer CamMonitorInstaller.exe not installing the necessary libraries.
  91. Fixed the loss of sound from Vivotek cameras connected via Vivotek General Device.
  92. Fixed streams switching in the Monitor window when “Automatic selection of streams to display” is disabled.
  93. Fixed an issue with exporting a live video frame with the resolution of the camera window, rather than the resolution of the video.
  94. Fixed the HTML interface error that caused returning to the home page when another user logged in.
  95. Fixed the error occurred when objects were copied together with child objects.
  96. Fixed the bug behind the crashing of StreamingServer.run when playing back recorded footage via RTSP.
  97. Fixed the issue with facial recognition tools on multistreaming cameras.
  98. Improved stability of scripts.


Hardware and operating system requirements

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