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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Document purpose

This document, titled Quick Start Guide, is intended to be used as a concise guide for installing and starting the Intellect software package as well as for configuring and using its main functions (video surveillance, audio surveillance, pan/tilt/zoom devices management).

The details on how to install and configure the Intellect software package is presented in the document titled Administrator's Guide; and information on how to configure and use its basic and additional functions is presented in the document titled Operator's Guide.

Purpose of the Intellect software package

Intellect software is designed to build industrial scalable and flexible (adaptable) integrated security systems based on video surveillance and audio monitoring digital systems.

The Intellect system offers the following functionality:

  1. Integration of digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems with the existing data systems, various security equipment, auxiliary software of other developers, using integrated open interfaces of the data exchange.
  2. Compatibility with diverse security devices and data systems, in particular, with the fire and security alarm and access control systems, video surveillance cameras, data analysis systems and video analytics systems for objects (events) tracking and recognition.
  3. Single-source registration and processing of events, generation of notifications and system responses based on flexible algorithms.
  4. Ultimately unlimited capabilities for system scaling and customizing, reallocation of resources with changes in the number or quality of monitoring tasks at guarded locations.