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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Intellect software function

Intellect software is designed to build industrial scalable and flexible (adaptable) integrated security systems based on video surveillance and audio monitoring digital systems. 

Intellect software is to be used as a basic software environment with the following functionality:

  1. Building video surveillance and audio monitoring digital systems and integration with joint data systems, various types of security equipment, auxiliary 3rd party application software via integrated OMI.
  2. Compatibility with a wide range of security devices and data security systems, particularly fire alarms, access control, surveillance cameras, data systems for object (event) analysis, recognition and identification on video.
  3. Central recording and processing of events, notification generating and various functions control on the base of flexible algorithms.
  4. Exclusive scaling facilities, adaptation to actual task, resources used redistribution according to actual number and content of secured objects monitoring tasks.

General recommendations on Intellect software based security system applications

The following is recommended for correct application of Intellect software based security systems:

  1. to follow duty instructions;
  2. to use the system only for its intended purpose;
  3. not to use 3rd party application software if it is not a software component on basic computers with Intellect software.

Personnel skills requirements

For correct Software application Operator shall meet qualifying requirement to Intellect software Operator.