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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The object status can be monitored not only by object symbols depicted on the Map, but also by using the Object list.

The Object list can be accessed via the Object list functions menu of the Map, which is called up by a right mouse click on any place on the Map, free from object symbols.

The interface of the Object list window is shown in the figure.


When an object is selected in the list, it is also selected on Map while Map is centered by the object. The object is selected in list when selected on Map.

The middle part of the Object list window displays a table describing object statuses on all levels of the Map: each object is described by the name and current status. The table shows both visible and hidden objects, regardless of the display mode selected to show hidden objects on the Map. Each object of the Object list has a functions menu (which is called up by a right mouse click on the line displaying the object name), which is completely identical to the functional menu of the object on the Map (see the General information about working with the map section).

 The upper part of the Object list window contains the fields for filtering the object in the status table:

  1. The Type field is used to filter the objects according to their types.
  2. The State field is used to filter the objects according to the status of the given object type. Type-based object filtering is only possible, if the type of object in the Type field is selected. If the Disabled state is selected, the object of the specified type that were disabled while configuring the system are shown (i.e. objects wit the Disable checkbox checked).
  3. The Layer drop-down list allows selection of a layer to which the searched object is attached; the layer is not necessary to be displayed in the Map window.
  4. The Name field is intended for dynamic search for an object by its name taking into account the other filters. Search by name is launched automatically after typing into the field.

The lower part of the Object list window contains the Latest event and Additional information fields, which is designed to display the information about the object selected within the table (to select the object, click the left mouse button on the line containing the object in the table). The Latest event field reflects the data about the latest event registered for the selected object: name, and date and time of the event. The Additional information field is designed to display additional information about the event (if any).

To open the Object list window, click in the upper right corner of the window or select Object list in the functional menu of the Map again.