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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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AxxonSoft releases updated version of Intellect 4.10.5 bringing a number of bugs fixed.

New features in Intellect 4.10.5

  1. Axxon Player version is added to the build.
  2. The information about the required disk space to save the exported archive fragment when exporting in the initial format or without data conversion is added in AxiExport background export utility
  3. Added the ability to include an event identifier in a reaction initiated by a macro
  4. Added the ability to receive events with face coordinates and body temperature from the thermal camera
  5. Added the ability to restrict user rights to remove layouts from the Video surveillance monitor interface
  6. Information on the number of created objects has been added to the message about exceeding the objects number limit imposed by the license key
  7. The FileSystem.MinMaxHoursFromNow registry key has been added, which allows to keep track of time for the Keep no less than parameter from the first existing record. 
  8. A notification is now displayed in case when you rename an object, but the specified name is already used in the system. 
  9. Added the ability to collapse and expand JScript code blocks in the Editor-Debugger utility
  10. Supported the saving of the script from the Script Editor on all computers in the distributed system where the script should run
  11. Added the ability to set the time to start clearing the Event log
  12. In the Tweaki.exe advanced setup utility, the setting for adaptive captions (camera No. and time) size on the exported frame or archive fragment is added
  13. Added ability to set triggering period in seconds for the Timer object
  14. The ability to "embed" images in e-mail messages sent by the Mail Message Server is supported. When this function is enabled, attached images are excluded from the email attachments and displayed only in the text.
  15. The the degreesmove2 command via the HTTP API for ECSD has been changed to work correctly with cameras that support absolute telemetry, but not Point & Click. 
  16. Added the ability to set the time of day to run clearing of the Event Protocol DB. 
  17. Added the ability to set the adaptive font size when exporting a video from the archive depending on the resolution using the ExportFontAdaptive key. 
  18. Improved import from edge storage function:
    1. Added the ability to set the number of archive hours for synchronization with the IpStorageSyncDepthHours registry key.
    2. Added IPSTORAGE|UPDATE_TIME command to stop synchronization.
    3. The process of determining the time of the last synchronization has been improved: the time of last sync is now set equal to the time of the newest archive fragment.
  19. Added the ability to change the Map update period with the MapBlinkUpdateTimeoutMS registry key.
  20. The auto_switch <> parameter has been added to the camera activation event on the Video Surveillance Monitor allowing to stop automatic scrolling (clide show) when clicking on the camera.
  21. The name and surname of the operator logged into the system is now displayed in the Log off menu item.
  22. Added logging of user actions in the Event Viewer:
    1. Display on the map
    2. Display video
    3. Show report
  23. HTML markup in email messages sent by the Mail Message Service is supported.
  24. Added logging of user actions in the Video Surveillance Monitor:
    1. change of camera position;
    2. add layout;
    3. delete layout;
    4. change the active layout;
    5. visualization change.
  25. Added the ability to set the font size when exporting a video archive fragment in proportion to the frame size using the ExportFontAdaptive registry key.
  26. The ability to change the limit on the number of lines displayed in the Event Viewer is added. 
  27. The ability to load the latest events from the database has been added when displaying the latest events on the map after starting Intellect. 
  28. The syncing_cams_max_number registry key has been added to adjust the number of cameras with edge storage synchronizing the archive simultaneously after reconnecting to the Server. 
  29. It is supported to receive a response in JSON format for the command to request archive intervals via the HTTP API. 
  30. The limit on the number of Displays assigned to one computer has been increased to 500. Also, the DISPLAY_MAX_NUM registry key has been added to change this limit, but not more than up to 1000. 
  31. Information about the identifier of the operator who launched the macro and the computer on which it was launched has been added to the event that arrives at Intellect when the macro runs. 
  32. The new JScript method Base64EncodeW is added allowing to encode a Unicode string to Base64. 
  33. Added the ability to invert the display of the camera when it rotates on the map. Customize it in the Map Editor.
  34. The DecompressorQueue registry key (used to set display buffer size in frames) logic has changed. The new key DecompressorQueue.ByTime = 1500 is created by default setting the buffer time in milliseconds. 
  35. Burning CD/DVD with an exported video via AviExport utility is supported.
  36. Guardant Stealth II USB dongles supported.

IP device support

The release includes Drivers Pack 3.67 for IP devices support. Detailed information about the Drivers Pack, where to find the latest set of drivers, and the list of supported hardware is available at http://www.axxonsoft.com/integrated_security_solutions/supported_ip.php

Updating from previous versions

Run the newer version installation program and install Intellect over the older version 4.10.4 or earlier. No need for uninstalling.

Product documentation

Requirements for base PCs

Updating INTELLECT™ software

Quick Start Guide

Complete Intellect Documentation

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