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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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In the Intellect Operator's Manual the following terms are used.

  1. System - video surveillance and audio monitoring digital system based on the Intellect software system.
  2. Software - Intellect software system.
  3. Screen – virtual object that displays various dialog boxes (monitors, audio players, PTZ control panels etc) that assist the Operator to work with the software.
  4. Video surveillance monitor – interface window for displaying and controlling surveillance windows.
  5. Surveillance window - interface window which displays the video image that comes from the surveillance camera. The surveillance window includes interface elements, used to control and display data messages.
  6. Audio player – interface window containing elements that allow monitoring and recording the microphone audio signal.
  7. Backup archive – function module used to work with the backup archive.
  8. Map – on-line graphical chart of the distributed system used to monitor and control external system devices (cameras, microphones, beams, relays).
  9. Universal PTZ control panel – interface window used to control System PTZ units (e.g. surveillance camera equipped with PTZ and connected to the System).User's dialog box – interface window with user's set of control elements used to control various system devices and modules.
  10. The alarm notification window – interface window used to inform the Operator of registered alarm and system events.
  11. Event log – interface window used to display data on events, registered by System (with data event type filtration).
  12. Object list – interface window used to control object status on Location Map.
  13. Client – computer with Client type of Intellect software.