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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Functionality (configuration) of the system is restricted by the license key supplied together with the INTELLECT™ software installation package. Operations with the license files are described in the Installing and removing INTELLECT™ software section.

The license key activates the system functionality. Whenever the system configuration needs to be extended (for instance, where a subsystem, which is not included in the basic configuration, is required), to enable functionality of the program module corresponding to the subsystem which needs to be installed, the previous license key is to be replaced with a new one, which will restrict updated system functionality.

Replacement of the previous license key with a new license key initiates the updated set of functional subsystems when the system is reset.

In a distributed system the configuration of each computer depends not only on this computer’s license key, but on the license keys of other computers in the distributed system. That is, the maximum functionality of each computer in the distribute system is limited by the license key of the computer with minimum capabilities. Thus, the same license key is recommended to be used on all computers in the distributed system.

The license key is bound to computer equipment. The bind to the equipment is performed by three means:

  1. Binding to dallas-codes of video capture cards with cryptochip (FS5\6\8\16, WS7\17) of  ITV | Axxonsoft production;
  2. Binding to “Guardant” hardware keys of one of the following type:
    1. Guardant Stealth II
  3. Binding  to computer equipment (HID).

License key is required when the Intellect software installing with the Remote Administrator Workstation or Sever installation type. If the Remote Client installation type is selected, the license key is not required.

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