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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Purpose and structure of the guide

Installing and configuring security system components guide is a reference and information guide that is designed for system administrators, installation and configuration engineers, users with the rights to administrate INTELLECT™-based digital video surveillance and audio surveillance systems.

This guide contains the following information on:

  1. how to install security system components.
  2. how to configure security system components in the INTELLECT™ software.
  3. appendixes that contain supplemental information on security system components and features of their configuration.

Purpose of the INTELLECT™ software package

The INTELLECT™ software is designed for the deployment of industrial scalable, flexible (adjustable) integrated security systems, based on the digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems.

The INTELLECT™ software possesses the following basic features:

  1. Integration of digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems with the existing data systems, various security equipment, auxiliary software of other developers, using integrated open interfaces of the data exchange.
  2. Compatibility with diverse security devices and data systems, in particular, with the fire and security alarm and access control systems, video cameras, data analysis systems and systems for recognition of objects (events) and identification by their images.
  3. Single-source registration and processing of events, generation of notifications and controlling response in accordance with the flexibly modified logics.

Ultimately unlimited capabilities for scaling, solution—specific adjustments, re-distribution of resources with changes in the number or quality of tasks in monitoring guarded locations and operating various equipment.