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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Requirements for PCs depend on Intellect software installation type. The following installation types are available:

  1. Servers are designed for digitization, processing, recording, transmission and displaying the incoming video signals from the cameras of the video surveillance system.
  2. Remote Administrator Workstations are designed for remote monitoring of video signals, for creating gateways and archives of video sequences, for logging the events registered by INTELLECT™ software and use as a web server for the transmission of video signals over HTTP (this protocol is used to transmit signals over the Internet and display them with standard Web-browsers). Configuration requirements for the Remote Administrator Workstation depend on the functions it is designed to perform.
  3. Remote Clients are designed to playback incoming video and audio signals from video surveillance system servers and to control cameras, microphones, PTZ units, etc.

Minimal requirements for computer configuration are specified in the table.


Server and RAW


QTY per computer

Additional information






Any type that supports required processor and has the necessary set of pins and slots.


Pay attention to the number of free PCI (-e) slots and the type of processor, which is installed.


Select the processor in accordance with the computer configuration using the on-line calculator: https://sale.axxonsoft.com/calc/calculator.jsf. Documentation on the calculator is available here.


It is recommended to use 64-bit OS (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, Windows 7 x64 Professional or Windows Server 2008 R2 x64) when total number of cores is more than 8.

Processor supporting AVX instructions is required for the Tevian capture and recognition (the most recent Face-Intellect documentation is available in AxxonSoft documentation repository).


At least 2 Gb.


Memory operating speed increase by using memory with greater frequency or using memory in the dual stream (or more) mode results in less CPU load and, consequently, greater Intellect performance.

Hard drive 1

Space required for installation of the OS + 10 Gb for installation of Intellect software + 20Gb for installation of MS SQL Server.

Space required for installation of the OS + 10 Gb for installation of Intellect software

1 (+1)

Mirroring can be used to improve the fault-tolerance.

Hard drive 2

To maintain video/audio archive compatible with the requirements for the archive depth.



External disk systems can be connected via SAS, SCSI, Fiber Channel interfaces.

Will be installed in cases where video/audio archives are required.


Any type of DVD-RW.


To write the archive to an external carrier, for fallback recovery (not compulsory).

Video card

Discrete: NVIDIA GeForce GT520 1GB RAM or more productive.

On-board: Intel HD Graphics 530 or more productive.


Not compulsory, if the image is not required to be displayed on a monitor.

Audio cardStandard audio cards, MidiMan Delta, Comart Hera and Olkha 9P.1Not compulsory, if audio surveillance is not required.

Power supply unit

Any matching the PC tower. Capacity depends on the hardware configuration.


Two fans are recommended: a suction fan and an induced draft fan. A redundant fan can also be installed.

FAN&Temp Control

Any temperature control module.


Not compulsory


OS Windows supported versions (see Operating system requirements section).


Internet access is recommended to be switched off.

Architecturex86, x64--


If Intellect is installed on a computer with two processors, it is recommended to disable the Hyper-threading. If it is enabled, the operating system does not allow Intellect to run on two processors simultaneously.


The system clock on the server must be synchronized with the client’s system clock, or run a couple of seconds ahead. Otherwise, problems during re-connecting (for example, on connection loss) may occur.
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