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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Intellect software package is the multifunctional open PSIM platform that allows creating integrated security solutions of any scale.

The basic distribution package contains of the core and modules providing general and service functions.

The full list of features and technical specifications can be found in Administrator’s Guide in Intellect software functionality and Intellect software package restrictions sections. 

General description of Intellect main features can be found in this section.

Intellect core

Intellect core transmits information and interconnects all integrated subsystems and Intellect software components. The core is the base that is complemented with functional modules in order to build the complex security system.

Video surveillance and audio control

Video surveillance and audio control are the main functions performed by Intellect-based security systems. Intellect video subsystem offers all advantages of distributed architecture, comprises powerful video analytics functions, guarantees high-quality video image as well as operation stability and usability and allows connecting PTZ devices.  


Several video streams incoming from a camera are supported in the Intellect-based security system - multistreaming. 

Intellect supports up to 4 video streams that can be used:

  • To be displayed on the local monitor as well as transmitted to remote workstations;
  • To be recorded to the archive;
  • For video analytics.

Managing streams in the network

Intellect performs important digital stream processing functions:

  • Auto adjusting video resolution in accordance with display mode;
  • Auto adjusting video stream fps in accordance with network bandwidth;
  • Parallelizing digital streams using the Videogate module.


Streams transmitted by IP cameras can have multiple resolutions and fps. Video from cameras is not always displayed with highest resolution at remote monitoring workstations. The system automatically selects the stream with the resolution sufficient for displaying.

Access via web browser and mobile apps

Remote access to the system via the browser and iOS mobile client boosts monitoring functions making it possible to monitor security systems even when your PC or laptop is unavailable or far away.

Analog and IP cameras

Intellect platform is integrated with wide range of equipment including IP cameras and IP Servers by more than 120 vendors.

Notification systems

SMS and MMS notifications as well as e-mails with attached video fragments notify persons in charge in case of emergencies and other accidents.

Smart functions

Intellect performs smart functions – automatic and partly automatic scripts of reactions on the events as well as powerful video analytics functions. Smart functions optimize security service performance making it more productive.

Extended functionality

Extra functional modules are capable of performing a wide range of tasks such as ACS/FAS integration, control over point-of-sale and ATM transactions, license plate and railcar number recognition and more.

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