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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Apart from time scale browsing, the playback control panel also allows searching for certain recording fragments by the exact date and time.

The time table displayed in the bottom left corner of the panel is designed for the above search.

The upper part of the table shows the date, whereas the current playback position is shown in the bottom part.

To start the search, enter the date and time in the table. Double-click the date and time line and a green cursor will appear.

Now, using the keyboard, enter the required time of the recording.

If you double-click on the date, you will see not only the green cursor, but also a calendar to assist you visually in the selection of the required recording date.

Bold font in the calendar indicates the dates of the recordings. If there are any records for any days in the archive, but their viewing is forbidden by user rights, then such days are not marked in bold (see  Permissions for working with archives  section in Administrator's Guide).


Working with interface Windows Aero of OS Windows Vista, dates of the recordings are not bolded.

Having entered the date and time, press Enter to switch over to the required recording. If the recording with the requested date and time does not exist, the program will switch over to the recording with the nearest time of recording.


In case when the access restriction to the video archive play back is set (see Access restriction to the video (and audio) archives section in the Intellect software package. Administrator guide document), the switch will be performed only among the available recordings in the displayed list of all the recordings.