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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Depending on the customer requirements to the Intellect based security system, you should configure the Intellect software objects that represent the following security system components:

  1. video subsystem;
  2. PTZ subsystem (a system for managing pan/tilt/zoom devices and cameras’ lenses);
  3. audio subsystem;
  4. automated video analytics subsystem;
  5. sensor/relay subsystem;
  6. notification subsystem (over various communication channels);
  7. data back-up subsystem;
  8. video/audio network data exchange subsystem;
  9. user rights management subsystem;
  10. software performance monitoring subsystem;
  11. automated control subsystem;
  12. user interfaces subsystem.


 The set of available Intellect system objects is defined in the intellect.sec key file

Use QAT, system tray or short-time holding the “hot” button F8  to open System Settings and configure the Intellect software objects.

The System Settings dialog window contains:

  1. tabs panel;
  2. objects tree (not present in the Architecture tab);
  3. object settings panel tree (not present in the Architecture tab);
  4. the Apply and Cancel buttons.

You typically configure objects as follows: create or select an object in the objects tree, assign parameter values in its settings panel and then save changes clicking the Apply button. Quick Start Guide offers a list of objects and a brief description of their functionality. Configuring the specified interface objects is described in detail in the document titled Administrator’s Guide.