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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The basic objects of the system requiring preliminary configuration for correct operation of the Intellect software package are as follows:

The objects in the Hardware tab:

  1. Computer - is a unique image of each PC running the Intellect software. This is a parent object for all the hardware objects which provide the settings for the hardware plugged into that PC.
  2. Video Capture Device provides the settings for connected video capture cards or IP video processing devices.
  3. Camera allows to configure and control video cameras.
  4. Audio Card provides for configuration of connected sound cards.
  5. Microphone is intended for configuration of audio input devices.
  6. Sensor allows to configure sensors.
  7. Relay allows to configure relays.
  8. Telemetry Controller is used for configuring the PTZ ports.
  9. PTZ device enables you to configure how a camera and its pan/tilt/zoom drive interact.

The objects in the Interfaces tab:

  1. Display is for configuring how the selected interface objects are displayed.
  2. Monitor allows to configure how video is displayed in camera windows (tiles) and set up camera controls.
  3. Audio player enables you to configure microphones and play back audio.
  4. Map allows you to configure and control security devices represented by system objects plotted on the map of the secured facility/territory.
  5. Event viewer is configured to display the events log.

The objects in the Users tab:

  1. User permissions allows to manage access rights for system objects.

The objects in the Programming tab:

  1. Area is intended for dividing the secured facility/territory into areas of interest.
  2. Region is intended for dividing the areas of secured facility/territory into regions of interest.