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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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The values of param_id and param_value parameters, required for SET_IPINT_PARAM reaction, can be individual both for each of integrated IP cameras and for their firmwares.

The values of param_id and param_value are defined as follows:

  1. Open C:\Program Files\Common Files\AxxonSoft\Ipint.DriverPack\3.0.0\
  2. Using any word processor open a file with the Ipint.<Name of camera driver>.rep name, for instance Ipint.SonyIpela.rep


    In most cases, the name of driver is the same as the name of the vendor of IP device. Contact AxxonSoft support team in order to obtain more specific information about the driver name.
  3. In the file find the name of required model, for instance SNC-DH120T.
  4. There is the <videoSourceRef> tag within the <device> tag that contains the description of the required model like in the <model> tag. One more occurrence of the id value of this parameter is to be found in the file (in this example this is video_source_dh160 value) in the videoSource tag.
  5. The parameters of IP device and their possible values are described in the <property> tags. The description of possible values depends on their type.

In this example the param_id="daynight" parameter can be used to switch the Day/Night mode on the camera. In this case the possible values of the param_value parameter are: auto, on, off, timer or sensor.



Example of using SET_IPINT_PARAM reaction:

  1. For Camera object:
    DoReact("CAM", "1","SET_IPINT_PARAM","param_id<daynight>,param_value<on>");
  2. For Video Capture Device object:
    DoReact("GRABBER", "1","SET_IPINT_PARAM","param_id<daynight>,param_value<on>,cam_id<1>");

As a result of reactions execution the value of the “daynight” parameter is “on” for Camera 1.


To enable SET_IPINT_PARAM reaction, the multistream mode is to be active - see Configuration of multistream video section of Administrator's Guide. Keep in mind that if only one stream is integrated for the camera, then there will be no video in the multistream mode.

You can find out the number of integrated streams in the list of IP devices integrated with Intellect software (go to Documentation Drivers Pack page).

If this way can’t be used for any reason, then find out the number of integrated streams as follows:

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 of the previous algorithm.
  2. The required model is described within the <device> tag, integrated video streams are described in <videoStreamingRef> tags. There should be more than one stream.
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