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Documentation for Intellect 4.10.4. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too.

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Purpose of the INTELLECT™ intelligent video surveillance system

INTELLECT™ software is designed for the deployment of industrial scalable, flexible (adjustable) integrated security systems, based on the digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems.

INTELLECT™ software possesses the following basic features:

  1. Integration of digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems with the existing data systems, various security equipment, auxiliary software of other developers, using integrated open interfaces of the data exchange.
  2. Compatibility with diverse security devices and data systems, in particular, with the fire and security alarm and access control systems, video surveillance cameras, data analysis systems and systems for recognition of objects (events) and identification by their images.
  3. Single-source registration and processing of events, generation of notifications and controlling response in compliance with the flexibly modified logics.
  4. Ultimately unlimited capabilities for scaling, solution—specific adjustments, re-distribution of resources with changes in the number or quality of tasks in monitoring guarded locations and operating various equipment.

Setting up logical interrelations among objects in the Intellect software system

Functional facilities of Intellect software complex are based on logical cooperation of objects. Common data about ways of setting up the logical interrelation is given in the table.

Ways of setting up the logical interrelation




Objects settings panels

Base setting of system objects interrelation

Is realized with the use of system objects functionality-see.  Administrator's Guide.

Setting up the video signal displaying in Monitor interface window


Setting up simple interrelations among objects which functionalities do not allow to carry out the required operations

Is realized with the use of Macros object functionality-see.   Administrator’s Guide.

Setting of enabling the additional executive relay with ray closed


Setting up complex interactions among objects, when Macro object functionality does not allow to carry out the required operations

Is realized on the basis of Program object as a code on the embedded Intellect program language-see. this guide

It is necessary to return the cameras to the reference position and make a frame


Is realized on the basis of Script object as a code on embedded JScript language –see.  Programming Guide (JScript).

Purpose and structure of the guide

Documentation for the INTELLECT™ intelligent video surveillance system, Video surveillance and audio monitoring Administrator Guide is a reference and information handbook on programming on embedded Intellect software language, which is designed for system administrators, installation and configuration technicians, users with administrator rights to the digital video surveillance and audio monitoring systems, developed on the basis of INTELLECT™ software.

Programming in the INTELLECT™ enables system control by setting up complex logical interactions among objects. This guide contains the following materials:

  1. Software programming;
  2. Description of embedded program language syntax;
  3. Examples of program on the embedded language.

License method of the INTELLECT™ software

Licensing of the INTELLECT™ software is performed by means of software and program protection.

The INTELLECT™ software protection is built on one of the following components:

  1. dallas-codes of video capture cards’ cryptochips (FS-5B, FS-6C, FS-8, FS-16(Exp), WS-7, WS-17);
  2. dallas-codes of the  electronic hardware security key «Guardant»;
  3. codes of HID devices (hardware id).

The key file, connecting the software protection with program modules, belongs to the program protection part. A list of available for using functional program modules depends on the configuration of security system’s delivery and is registered in the key file.

While extending the system configuration (for example while installing a new functional subsystem) for activating the program module functionality, corresponding to the installed subsystem, in the previous key file has to be changed by a new one, which the updated system functionality will be regulated with.

While using the distributed architecture a single key file is used for all the computers of the system.


 If the video capture card is changed, its dallas-codes are changed too, so the previous key file should be respectively changed by a new one. While using the distributed architecture the key file should be changed on all the computers of the system.
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