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  • Event-triggered alarm recording added into the camera Video Footage 



  • You can now call PTZ preset positions from a list 
  • In the object's context menu, you can now switch to view live or recorded videos from the linked camera 


Jul 5, 2014


  • In push notifications added: 
    1. web server name;
    2. alarm object name;
    3. alarm time (according to web server's local time).
  • You can now switch to view live or recorded videos via the Alarms panel 
  • You can now select a cap for fps to override auto configuration and reduce bandwidth consumption 


Aug 29, 2014


  • Camera video resolution can now be set manually 
  • Refresh rate can now be set from the Event List 


Oct 6, 2014


  • Videos can now be displayed in full resolution 

Axxon Next:

  • You can now set the panning speed for a PTZ camera 
  • You can now select operating mode for a PTZ camera 


Dec 21, 2014

  • Added unprocessed events/alarms count display and notification about a new event/alarm registration 
  • Added a drop-down list for more convenient navigation between web servers 
  • You can now share your connection settings via QR codes on screen, email or various messengers 
  • Added Previous/Next buttons to navigate across video segments on Timeline 
  • The list of macro commands is now accessible from any page (Intellect only) 
  • The connection list now includes the IntellectDemo server 


Mar 6, 2015

  • You can now set a limit for the size of a downloaded Video Footage. 


Jun 30, 2015

  • Introduced keep-alive server pinging option 


Sep 4, 2015

  • Added Axxon Next test server 


Oct 12, 2016

  • Added macro commands support for the Axxon Next VMS 


Nov 30, 2016

  • Added support for camera groups created on the server 


Jan 3, 2017

  • Added support for video playback over RTSP 
  • You can now set the Video Footage playback speed 


Feb 1, 2017

  • Added an interactive map where coordinates of camera locations can be set to enable WYSIWIG camera selection for live video viewing 
  • Captions are now supported in the Intellect PSIM 


Apr 20, 2018

  • Added support for the AxxonNet VSaaS cloud 


Apr 29, 2018

  • You can now select a video stream upon connecting to an Axxon Next VMS server 
  • Axxon Next server now supports MPEG-4 streaming 
  • You can now disable the automatic connection to servers 
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