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Feb 10, 2021

  • Fixed some small UI bugs


Feb 3, 2021

 Camera screen:

  • Camera events viewing 
  • Cameras swiping 

Map screen:

  • OpenStreetMap 

Actions screen:

  • Filtering selected macros 

Fix some small UI bugs


Jan 11, 2021

 Full screen mode

  • Camera heading on map 
  • Adapt to server's api changes
  • Login with AppleID 
  • Fix some small UI bugs


Oct 29, 2020

  • allow map type selection 
  • allow server sharing via link
  • fix archive link for secondary streams
  • fix some small UI bugs
  • fix localization bugs
  • better support for iOS14


Sep 14, 2020

  • adapt to backend api modifications
  • fix some small bugs


Jun 9, 2020

Camera screen:

  • export 
  • rtsp for live stream when connected to intellect 

Event screen:

  • fix API usage errors

Push notifications for cloud servers for all alerts and latest Intellect servers 

Fix events screen:

  • when detectors are configured to process second stream 


Feb 15, 2020

Server list screen:

  • add search 

Camera list screen:

  • option to switch cells display mode - live or 1 snapshot only 
  • groups and layouts for Intellect 

Camera screen:

  • save snapshot to photo library 
  • fix video url for Intellect


Jan 29, 2020

  • Maps screen refactoring 
  • Czech localization 
  • Fix some UI bugs


Dec 12, 2019

  • Audit journal 
  • Event screen refactoring 
  • Fix bug with additional url encoding in auth credentials which leads to code 401 errors
  • Fix some small UI bugs


Sept 26, 2019


  • iOS 13 support and dark theme 
  • Errors that occurred following to iOS 13 release were fixed 
  • Fix login to same server as different users 
  • Fix some UI bugs

Server add/edit screen:

  • fix url cleanup when no redirect to https 

Camera list screen:

  • remove disabled cameras 

Camera screen: 

  • control video footage playback speed for MPEG-4 video stream (in Axxon Next and higher) and MJPEG (in older versions) 
  • stream statistics label highlights use of mjpeg for streams that don't support mp4 or when it forced via app settings 


Sept 05, 2019

  • Digital zoom is now applicable to live and recorded video 


Aug 18, 2019

Camera list screen:

  • now you can choose cameras displaying (list/tiles) and sort cameras manually 

Events screen:

  • object that triggered an alarm is now framed, duration of event/alarm is displayed 

Camera screen:

  • Intellect archive timeline displaying was fixed 
  • you can now choose an Axxon Next archive for viewing 


  • most of messages and headings translated into Russian, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese 


Jun 18, 2019

  • iOS client rewritten from the scratch 
  • Design updated 
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